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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Upgrades Leaked

3/9/2015 2:23:19 AM

Imagine that was possible to know today who are the players that will be improved during the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Upgrades season.FIFA 15 Coins. Sounds great ? Well, it may be possible if you play in old-gen consoles Playstation 3 (to be confirmed) and XBox 360. We will explain…

Forget all you heard in the Youtube and in the websites about winter upgrades. You can check yourself if a player will be upgraded or not. If you play in one of these consoles and you own an In Form card, put him in your starting eleven playing in his original position, stop the match, go to the in game stats and check the rating of that player. In next-gen consoles you will see the NIF rating. In old-gen consoles you will see what looks like the upgrade rating.

We are not sure if that is what it looks but the odds are high. To ease your job, a Spanish website have filtered the potential upgrades. There are many players missing, but it is a good start.