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FIFA 15 TOTY Forwards Available in Packs Now

3/9/2015 2:23:19 AM

The FIFA 15 TOTY was announced at January 12th. You can see here who are the players that are being released on very special blue cards.

The Team of the Year was announced at 5:40pm (UK time) and the first cards were released on packs at 8pm. The cards are not available in packs all at the same time. For each position there are specific dates.FIFA 15 Coins. The Goalkeeper and the Defenders were the first ones. They were available in packs from January 12th 8pm to January 14th 6pm (Wednesday). Now it is time of the Forwards. It is your chance to get one of these three amazing players. If you want to do it, take advantage of the Happy Hours to buy better packs. Don't forget that is extremely difficult to get a TOTY card in a pack. You were warned.